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5 Natural Ways to Build Muscle Fast at Home

Contrary to what you might read elsewhere or even require, if you want to build muscle fast it is not about piling on the calories and hitting the gym 7 days a week. What it Is about is growing your muscles in a natural way but this can still be done faster if you optimize your training workouts.

Lift Some Weights

So the first thing you are going to have to do is to lift some weights. Sounds obvious right? Well it is but understanding that doing weight exercises such as push ups or even cardio exercises will never build your muscles to a point where they can be noticed. What you need is constantly increasing resistance on your muscles, as that is what forces them to grow.

So you will need to keep increasing the weight as your workout plan goes along. If you keep the same weight and continue doing the same exercises, then your muscles have no reason to grow.

Vary Your Workout Routine

Another key to building muscle fast is to target the whole body with isolation exercises and compound exercises. Some people recommend doing compound exercises only as they target more muscle groups but they don’t get any muscles to the point of failure.

This is where the real growth happens. You may have heard the phrase “training to failure” before. What this means is that you push a particular muscle to point of failure as this has pushed it to the max and growth will occur.

The Magical Last Rep

Which brings us onto the last workout tip – the magical last rep.

What is the magical last rep? It’s the one that will make your muscle grow but at the same time, the one that is the hardest and often not performed. But when it is performed it forces the muscle to go beyond its comfort zone and it has to push hard and this is where the growth will occur fast. So next time you are thinking of giving up at that comfortable 8th rep, just remember that the 9th one will give you more muscle growth.

Eat the Right Balance of Foods

Just as important as the training itself is the nutrition you are consuming.

You need to make sure that you are eating enough calories so that you have enough energy to train hard but not too many that leads to excess calories being stored on the body. Getting this balance right will depend on your own current body weight and training routines. Of course you’ll need to be eating plenty of protein but again, not to excess. Protein is important as it helps in muscle growth, so aim to have 40%-50% of your daily nutrition made up of protein.

The rest will be carbs and around 10% in fats, which are very important, so don’t try skipping them.

Rest & Hydration

Finally we come to two important steps when wanting to know how to build muscle fast. The first is rest. Yes, it might sound strange but rest is very important as it is then that the muscle can repair themselves and grow stronger and bigger. If you fail to have enough rest, you won’t get the growth that you could be getting. Hydration is important as it helps the body to remain strong and of course helps with keeping the body hydrated and flushing out any toxins that may be lying around.

You need to be drinking plenty of water to prevent dehydration. So that concludes our guide to build muscle fast. Just remember to try and always do things naturally and never push yourself too hard or take short cuts in order to get bigger muscles faster.

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