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A Jungle Inhabited by “Strange” Creatures in Ecuador

In the Yasuni in Ecuador, there would be the most biodiverse in the world, a corner of the Amazon that safeguards such as a variety of tree species able to outnumber an entire continent like America.

These “strange” creatures is something that is closely linked to our limited familiarity with the inhabitants of the jungle of Amazon of Ecuador, neither more nor less. Considering the conditions of life there would be nothing strange about the parameters of this place: a very humid climate in a tropical environment, rivers, hot and fertile soil, a garden for the explosion of species in shapes, colors and aspects ever have imagined. It is estimated that there would be for example, 3,100 plant species, added to hundreds of species of amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals, ecosystems are one of the most “competitive” in the world, a battle for life and survival despite lush abundance of the place.

Clearly, this is an amazing and natural spectacle that is found in the National Park of Ecuador, which is an ark of life in the wild. It can be illustrated with this selection of images of species, colors and creatures “strange” in quantity.

The area of the Napo River has an extraordinary beauty, and despite being protected territory by a National Park, it is also located in one of the areas of oil exploitation Amazonian Ecuador. In fact, the book is a biological treasure, located on one of the largest oil reserves in the country (especially in the park boundary), and therefore, is in the eye of the storm in a struggle that is being waged between conservation and energy interests of the country and the oil companies.

There are initiatives like Yasuni-ITT, an innovative project to leave the oil in place in exchange for financial compensation by the international community, so as to ensure the protection of biodiversity.

With all the threats, Yasuní is one of the last great wilderness areas of Ecuador and the world. With a total of 2 ½ million acres, wetlands, marshes, lakes, rivers, jungle is a place that invites respected and visited responsibly, taking care to leave no trace.


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