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Academic Institutions or money making machine?

As the economy of the United States is declining with the passage of time and due to global recession lot of economies all around the globe are shattered and lot of sectors were closed down. However the only sector that remained unharmed was the educational sector which is now growing rapidly all over the United States.

New Institutions:

Since last 3 years lot of new institutions have come up from play group level to master levels. These institutions were opened at the heart of cities and were power packed with facilities like swimming pool, gymnasium, sports complexes and other extracurricular activities to attract the young generation. As a result parents were put to belief that sending their children to these institutions would be the best choice of their future whereas the institutions emphasize on the campus and the facilities that they are provide, claiming that these facilities are for the betterment of the students. However, little attention is being imparted to quality education, which is supposed to be the main goal of any educational institution.

High Fee Structure:

As these institutions are built up in elite and advanced areas with a bag full of activities to offer so these luxuries don’t come cheap and even for a kinder garden kid the fee is sky high. As per the college board the average public sector college fee in the year 2006-2007 was around $6,585 as compare to the year 2004 in which the fee was a little above 5000 dollars. The story does not end here majority of the leading universities charge even higher especially in the public sector for post graduate studies.


Impact of such actions was that every institute thought of increasing the revenue by a onetime investment for a bigger and luxurious campus and then a consistent increase in the fee for the coming years. Although this is quiet a remarkable strategy but the result was that the management could not be maintained and teaching was reduced from passion to a profession. As the revenues of the institutes were touching the skies so were the salaries of the teachers. As the economy continues to decline, the fee structure will be hard to beer for many in the country increasing fears of increase in dropout rate in universities and colleges, ultimately, leading to a social crisis.


A teacher is supposed to be a mentor for a person, the one who is to produce energetic and enthusiastic youth. The teachers are playing an excellent role in discouraging students for their average results. However, the problem needs some undertaking on part of the society as a whole. People need to understand that by spending so much on luxuries at school they do no good to their child who ultimately has to take some pain in order to gain some thing in the future. Institutions that have been established with the sole purpose of earning money will be forced to lower fees in order to attract students into their set up so as to improve the overall outlook of the institute.

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