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Amazon Launches Alexa Announcements – What Experts Says?

Mothers, do you have to go to another part of the house to tell your kids that dinner is ready or it’s time to go to bed? It can be a hassle, right?

Fret no more, if you have an Echo in another part of the house, you can use the device like a one-way intercom system.

Long-Promised Update

The Echo update had long been promised by Amazon and had been rolled out to users in the United States and Canada, according to TechCrunch.

TechCrunch said Alexa Announcements is “a kind of relay system.”

For example, when an Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Dot, Echo Show, Echo Spot, and Echo Look user tells the device that supper is ready, it will repeat the statement through connected Echo gadgets in the house.

The Verge said an Echo user could also say: “Alexa, tell everyone…,” “Alexa, broadcast…,” or “Alexa, tell the kids it’s bedtime,” which will prompt the device to issue one-way broadcasts simultaneously.

Third-Party Integration Planned

Mashable said if a home only has one Echo, the family can take advantage of the feature by using the Alexa app, provided that a family member has an Android phone or Fire tablet, adding that the device is linked to the same account used on the phone or tablet.

The site also said the new Echo feature comes just a few months after a similar feature called Broadcast was introduced by Google to Home speakers using Google Assistant to broadcast messages.

The site mentioned that one of the best things about Amazon is the number of third-party Alexa-enabled devices.

According to Mashable, a spokesperson for Amazon said the company has not yet determined a way for other companies to integrate Alexa Announcements.

The spokesperson, however, said that the company is working on integrating the feature.

What’s Next?

Amazon has launched Alexa Announcements – a new feature of all Echo devices – that works like a one-way intercom system.

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