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Ashford University Awards 10 Scholarships

Scholarships have always been a source of inspiration for students. They support the destitute, through school and academic life, such that they can be an active member of the society as a whole. Scholarships have been awarded to the student who have shown excellence in their academic history and those who are in need of assistance, to get them through college or school.

The recent economic downturn has yielded its effect in every sector. The institutions have also been affected, and adversely the numbers of scholarships that are being awarded worldwide have gone down drastically. However, there are some institutions have maintained their focus and continue helping students in the course of their education.

Project Working Mom… and Dads, Too!

Ashford is one of the leading online schools, to have announced 10 full ride online degree program scholarships for working parents across the United States. The scholarships were announced in collaboration with Both have been working on the project designated project “Project Working Mom… and Dads, Too!” The other name that provided assistance in this regard was the Bridgepoint Education, Incorporation which is a post-secondary education service provider in the United States. The project has been working on sending working parents back to colleges, who have problems affording an education at this stage.

Third Phase

The above project is third in line in a series of such projects that have been launched in the past. Prior to this, only working mothers were targeted by this project. This was the first of its kind targeting the working fathers. The third phase became a massive success in the fact that it doubled the response in terms of application received for a scholarship as compared to those received in the year 2008. In the third phase approximately 315,000 applications were received that coupled with some inspiring and touching, personal statements. Nearly 130,000 students those Ashford as the top most priority in their applications this amounts to nearly 41 percent of the total application that were received in total.

Ashford Reply

The management of the Ashford University responded to this application with 10 lucky candidates receiving the call of a lifetime. The management spent hours, investigating the most appropriate person to get the scholarship. Jane Mc Auliffe narrates’ the happenings in the following manner “The overwhelming response to this scholarship opportunity and the stories of sacrifice and determination of the applicants have been a stark reminder of the struggles parents face in balancing life, work and school and how online education helps people achieve their goals.”

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