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Bannock Animal Medical Center Is Now On Facebook

The Bannock Animal Medical Center now has a Facebook Page (bam vet) to keep customers informed of services and updates. Customers have been really enjoying the continuous updates to the page. Some of their informative Facebook posts have included ways to make clinic donations, pet health fairs and animal dental health awareness.

If you’re a pet owner in the local Chubbuck area, joining the Bannock Medical Center Facebook Page will give you access to many benefits. There are announcements about discounts on exams, bloodwork, spays and neuters. You can also get to know staff members personally, who make posts about pet care; some include pictures of their own furry loved ones.

For the month of October, BAMC is celebrating Halloween 2012 with a big “Spooktacular” bang. The Halloween celebration includes a costume contest for Bannock clients and their pets. All participants will get to have their picture taken as a costumed-team. There will be a vote at the end of October where costume winners will be chosen by the staff. Certificates will be awarded for the best dressed dog and best dressed cat. Owners are encouraged to come in costume as well. The winners will also be rewarded with a certificate good for one free office visit and one free rabies/Bordetella combo vaccination.

Rabies Awareness Month

BAMC would also like to remind pet owners that October is Rabies Awareness Month for their clients. In an effort to ensure that their clients understand the importance of rabies vaccinations, they’re using their Halloween costume contest to promote rabies awareness. Contest winners will receive free rabies vaccinations.

According to the ASPCA, there are certain guidelines that have been put in place in regards to pet vaccinations. Pet vaccines are placed into one of three categories: non-core, core and not recommended.

Rabies Vaccine is a Core Vaccination

Core vaccines for pets are the ones that experts consider to be the most vital. How vital they are is based on how much risk the disease they fight against poses to both animals and humans. The higher the risk of transmission to humans, disease severity or exposure risk, the more vital the vaccine is considered to be. The American Animal Hospital Association’s Canine Task Force considers rabies to be one of the core vaccines.

The ASPCA and other animal experts recommend that puppies receive vaccinations in a series of combinations. The correct combinations help to protect baby canines from various diseases. One of these vaccinations includes rabies.

Law Requirements for Rabies Vaccinations

Each state throughout the US has its own regulations and laws in regards to rabies vaccinations administration. In some states, pet owners are required to get their pets vaccinated for rabies every single year. In other areas, the rabies laws are a bit more relaxed, requiring that pets are vaccinated for rabies only every three years.

Either way, you must follow the laws of your state to make sure your pet is up-to-date with the legal rabies vaccination requirements. You’re required to have written proof of these vaccinations in your pet’s medical records. Not having legal proof of rabies vaccinations can cause you to lose your pet. There are some cases when pets have been euthanized after biting someone because the owner didn’t have proof that the canine had up-to-date rabies shots.

Rabies vaccinations save lives. They can help save your dog’s life. They can also help to save human lives as well. Rabies can be easily transmitted to humans and other pets or animals through dog bites. Be sure your pet is protected with regular rabies vaccinations.

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