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Cornell University Veterinary Specialists Assures The Very Best In Pet Care

There is some wonderful news for pet owners who have been debating where to take their pets for thee best possible treatment. Cornell University Veterinary Specialists, he country’s biggest university-affiliated veterinary referral center, is providing pets with the very best care and treatment. The hospital is known to provide wonderful medical care by integrating the latest scientific and medical advances with efficient and personalized service for the pets and their owners.

Cornell University Veterinary Specialists assured that they are constantly doing their best to combine the best of academics and specialty private practice to ensure that pets are treated in the best possible way.

Talking about one of the key services that Cornell University Veterinary Specialists provides, a representative of the hospital said, “Each of the services that we offer is of extreme importance, but if I were to pick one service that stands out, I would say the ophthalmology department is absolutely excellent. Cats and dogs suffer from eye diseases just as humans do and if left untreated, chronic discomfort can occur. We ensure expertise ophthalmologic treatment for the pets and recommend further consultation if required. Our members of ophthalmology are skilled and licensed experts in performing cat eye surgery and dog eye surgery. We use cutting edge surgical equipment to ensure that the pets receive only the very best treatment. We also treat cat tumors and dog tumors, many of which are eye related”.

Just like the rise of cancer cases in humans, there is a rise in dog cancer as well. Cornell University Veterinary Specialists has an Oncology Department that is known for providing top-notch treatment for cancers of all types. The hospital has board certified cancer specialists whose combined experienced totals over 25 years. Whether it is cancer in dogs or cat cancer, the veterinarians are committed to provide compassionate treatment.

The services offered by Cornell University Veterinary Specialists include emergency and critical care, interventional treatments, ophthalmology, surgery, oncology, cardiology, internal medicine, minimally invasive treatments, nutrition, and special imaging.

Pet owners who have utilized the services of Cornell University Veterinary Specialists to treat their pets have said that they are extremely satisfied with the treatment received.

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