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Equipment Used To Create 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Equipment Used To Create 360 Degree Virtual Tours

Panoramic photography is a technique that has grown significantly in popularity over the years. This type of photography allows websites to create virtual tours that can show customers great detail when it comes to products, properties or other items of interest. There are a number of equipment needs for those wanting to attempt 360 degree photography and understanding this equipment is essential in creating clear and quality panoramas.

First and foremost, a high quality camera is needed in order to produce high quality images. A DSLR or Digital Single Lens Reflex camera is needed. This is simply a camera that uses mirrors to reflect the light from the lens to the viewfinder and stores those images digitally. Changeable lenses are also typically needed because certain lenses are essential in creating a panorama without the need of taking many different individual shots. Wide angle lenses are typically used for panoramic views. Most photographers prefer a camera that has exposure bracketing because it allows for HDR or High Dynamic Range pictures to be taken. HDR offers a much better effect when taking images for virtual tours.

A pano head is equipment that allows you to easily find the nodal point. This is essential when taking images for panoramic tours because all of the images can be taken from the same perspective. If and when perspective changes, it can cause problems when it comes to stitching the images together which is what creates the panoramic view. Pano heads are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes and which one is best normally depends on the photographer and what he or she prefers.

The camera’s lens is very important in creating quality images that can be used for a virtual tour. Some photographers prefer using a wide angle lens while others prefer fisheye lenses. Wide angle lenses tend to offer less pixel distortion which is essential in protecting the quality of the images. These lenses however, also require more images in order to create the panorama. Fisheye lenses require only a small handful of images in order to create the panorama but they offer lower quality of images because they use the same amount of pixels as a wide angle lens but create larger photos.

Finally, a tripod is often needed to create panoramic views that are used for virtual tours. A key factor in creating a good panoramic scene is to center the scene on a nodal point. A tripod is often used in order to help make that center focus without moving the camera during the shots. Some photographers use all of this equipment in order to create 360 degree images while others have different preferences or prefer to use their own equipment style. Those who want to create panoramic images should begin by investing in a good DSLR camera, lenses and a strong tripod as well as a pano head in order to create professional looking images that can be properly stitched together and blended into a virtual tour.