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Everything You Need To Know About Segway Vehicle

The Segway was invented in 2001 and originally unveiled in the United States on Good Morning America. The vehicle is simply an upright, two wheeled, battery powered vehicle that relies on balance in large part to operate properly. The user stands on the bases that are located just beside each wheel. A long handlebar is attached which the user uses to steer and drive. The controls for braking and acceleration are located on the steering feature.

Over the past 20 years or so, the Segway has become very popular. Not only is it used by mall cops for navigating large shopping malls, many are now using it for touring. There are a number of Segway driving experience experience gifts that you can purchase for others that will allow them to tour specific areas while riding a Segway. If you know someone who has always wanted to be on a Segway and who wants to tour an area that is typically toured on foot, a Segway tour may be a great gift choice.

While the Segway got a relatively slow start with regards to sales, today it is a highly popular choice for many tour companies. Many consumers find that the cost is a bit overwhelming with regards to purchasing which is likely why it remains more of a commercial machine. There are many malls, hospitals and other facilities that allow security and other staff to ride a Segway so that they can get around a bit more quickly than with walking. Of course, riding any other vehicle or driving would be impossible inside buildings and so the Segway began to grow a bit in popularity where certain facilities are concerned.

Segway tours are very popular among those who strive for more environmentally friendly approaches to tourism. Because it uses a battery powered motor, the Segway does not burn fuel. There is no pollution from it like there is from other vehicles. It is relatively small and easy to navigate so it can be taken places that traditional vehicles cannot go. Many actually prefer the Segway to other forms of transportation simply because of the thrill of riding it.

You do have to maintain your balance when riding but once you have learned to control balance, riding a Segway is not difficult. If you have doubts, you can simply look at the numbers of touring companies that offer Segway tours and see the numbers of consumers who book these tours each year. Over the past 20 years, the Segway has become one of the most popular forms of sightseeing transportation. If you are looking to book a Segway gift experience, there are many companies that offer them. Simply take some time to research your options in the area that you plan to visit and compare companies to see which one may offer the best tour package at the price that you want. For a product whose sales were low in the first few years, the Segway has certainly gained in popularity.

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