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Google Chrome for Mac – How to Download and Install

Google Chrome for Mac - How to Download and Install

Google has finally released a VERY rough version of the Chrome browser for Mac and Linux. The browser is not even considered in beta stage yet meaning it has no Flash support, no printing, no bookmarks, no downloading, and no privacy settings. What it can do is provide users with a sense of what to expect from Chrome once it is officially released. If you don’t mind incomplete and crashing software for a glimpse of the new Google Chrome browser then you can download it here and try it out.

The interface is pretty much identical to the Windows version except for the minimize, maximize, and close buttons on the other side. Most of the non-Flash websites I visited loaded very quickly and with no errors. I would have liked to see how all my bookmarked sites looked in Google Chrome, but unfortunately the bookmark feature is not yet working.

Google’s famous Incognito browsing is not working well yet in this early version of the browser. It is supposed to hide your browsed pages from showing up in the history when the feature is turned on, but for now it does not conceal a thing.

The SunSpider JavaScript engine, which can be used to measure a browser’s speed in milliseconds, was used on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Chrome timed in at 1122ms, Firefox timed in at 4761ms, and Safari timed in at 5156ms. It is obvious that Chrome is a huge speed increase over the conventional browsers. I’m not sure how Google does it but they keep setting the standards higher and higher!

The Linux version requires Ubuntu 8.04 or Debian 5 and later; versions for other distros are planned. It adds the Google Repository to your system, which will keep your Chrome version up to date, unless you enter a command line before installing.

Tabs on top, which the Chrome browser is well known for, worked well in the early build as well as dragging the tab out into a separate window. Also the most visited pages grid worked in this version. This seems to be a very promising browser from the get go, and I was very impressed by its speed when using this version. I can’t wait to see how the final completed version will perform!