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Greyhound Australia: The Country’s Most Luxurious Coach Travel

Travelling from city to city in a coach on road is not the ideal way of getting around unless you are new to a country and wish to check out the landscape as much as possible. And it definitely is not the best way around for those who manage big businesses and would like to stay connected always.

But Greyhound Australia is changing that perception with its new platinum coach between Sydney and Canberra that not just promises speed and unmatched luxury, but also complete connectivity. And the new luxury coach between two of the busiest cities Down Under is good news for those looking for a great deal on Australia holidays as well.

Greyhound Inside
Greyhound Inside

While the coach offers the same comforts of a business class flight between Sydney and Canberra, it does so at a price tag that is far less than those offered by the airline firms. Apart from the unmatched comfort with reclining leather seats and extra leg room and you also get the added option of complete and seamless internet and mobile connectivity. With free and unlimited Wi-Fi inside the coach, power plugs and USB slots, you can stay completely connected while on the move.

That is a feature you obviously do not get on a plane and along with the connectivity options, the comparatively ultra-cheap fair means that the new venture from greyhound Australia should attract many business travelers who would have taken the flight otherwise. If the venture does succeed, expect more such services between other major cities of the country as well.

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