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How Is The Top Pet Social Network You Should Know is like Facebook for pets; however, this pet social network is all about your pets. It is a great way to meet and connect with other pets and their owners as well as get great pet advice. This top pet social network is easy to use, free to join and a lot of fun.

Below are the top ten reasons to join

1. Meet other pet owners

It’s a great way to meet and become friends with other pets and their owners. Facebook is getting so big that it is hard to keep track of your friends and their updates.

2. Showcase your pet

You can brag about your pet by uploading photos, making comments on the petworking wall (news-feed) and know that everyone on petpav will love it and get it. The members on the site are fun, passionate pet people who love to brag about their pets.

3. Your pet has a voice!

For those who are too shy to brag about your pets, not to worry, because on petpav your cat or dog does the bragging for you. Your profile is your pet and your pet has a voice!

4. Get recommendations on pet advice or pet products

You can get pet advice straight from other pet members. If you want a recommendation of a great pet food, how to get rid of fleas on your pet, petpav is the place for you and your pet.

5. Pet Businesses can promote their pet business to an all pet audience

Pet businesses can promote their business for free to an all pet audience. And there is an extra benefit for those businesses that utilize the site as they can become Pet Business of the Week. The Pet Business of the week is featured in our weekly Newsletter and promoted on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

6. Pet Supply Reviews

Pet owners want to know about the best pet products. Join and have your product reviewed and we can link it back to your website just like the wonderful stylish “Laughing My Tail Off” leash and “Locomotion Pet Treats.”

7. Weekly Articles on Pet Topics

You can find interesting articles that help pet owners with pet health issues, pet advice, local pet events, and pet news.

8. Pet social networking is the way of the future

With pet social networking on the rise and pet profiles on Facebook on their way out, join the best pet social network and start your petwork of friends.

9. Twitter is great but limiting

How can anyone really meet and connect with other pet friends when you are limited to 40 characters?

10. has a great group of pet members

The members of are a great group of pet people. They help each other, support each other and have a whole lot of fun in the process. Everyone is accepted from cats, dogs to pigs and reptiles.

So, what are you waiting for? Come join the top pet social network and your pet will thank you.

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