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How To Deal With Excessive Sweating – You Should Know

Sweating is one of the many mechanisms the body goes through to maintain its normal functioning and overall health. Although sweating and perspiration are favorable for people who wish to lose weight, excessive amounts can be life-threatening.

Dehydration, organ failure, and shock could occur. Seeking immediate treatment is necessary to avert the possible side effects. Medically known as hyperhidrosis, excessive sweating is a real problem neglected by many people. Some may not even know such condition exists. If left untreated, it could progress to a severer state, not to mention an embarrassing condition to bring with you when you leave home. But before you go outside wearing thick layers of clothing to hide the puddles underneath or relocate your entire life to a colder environment, several treatment options are available. The simplest means of facing excessive sweating is using an effective antiperspirant on a regular basis.

Antiperspirants have aluminum salts that create plugs. This obstructs the pores that sweat goes out from. You can purchase an antiperspirant from your local pharmacy or cosmetics store. Start out with the more popular brands. If this doesn’t work, go for stronger anti perspirants. If the first option does not work, you can elect to undergo medical treatment. Consult with your doctor and ask which options are best suited for your circumstances. Some treatment procedures may interweave with an underlying health condition or may increase your risk for developing certain complications.

A common procedure used to correct excessive sweating is Iontophoresis. During the treatment, the person sits with his/her hands and feet on a shallow container of water for at least 30 minutes while a low voltage current channels across the water. Once you figure out how to perform this procedure, you can buy a machine and use it at home. Using anticholinergic medication is another treatment option that requires prior doctor approval.

If either one of the options above does not work, the doctor may prescribe anticholinergic medication to stop the stimulation of sweat glands. Surgical treatment is also open, yet it is less opted for due to its invasive nature. Surgery is only advised for people with excessive sweating and perspiration who has previously sought after other treatment options but has had no luck of correcting the problem. You can also adopt lifestyle measures to manage heavy sweating. This includes avoiding clothes that are too thick and will trap heat.

Instead, wear thin clothing that will let your body breathe. Bring an additional shirt if you plan on exercising or doing anything that is physically challenging. Take regular showers or baths everyday. Use an antibacterial soap bar or liquid to minimize bacteria that dwells in your sweaty skin. If uncontrolled, this can lead to development of foul odors. Dry yourself entirely afterwards. Leaving damp areas on your skin makes it conducive for new bacteria to grow in. Avoid spicy foods as much as possible.

Mexican burritos or Japanese wasabe partnered with alcohol can stimulate your sweat glands as can hot beverages like coffee. Your shoes should also be well fitted to your feet. Shoes designed from natural materials are also better at preventing sweaty feet. Furthermore, avoid wearing the same pair of shoes consecutively. Even though you wash it off, it won’t dry overnight. If you try to wear it while it’s still wet, you could end up developing athlete’s foot.

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