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How to Keep Your Email Private and Secure

How to Keep Your Email Private and Secure

If you are unsure of whether or not your email is private, now is the time to find out. CIA Director David Patraeus thought that his email was protected and he was proven wrong. You certainly do not want just anyone having access to your mail and your privacy settings are essential in protecting you and those that you communicate with through your email account.

The best and easiest way to begin is to hide your location. Every email that you send out includes a header that has your IP address. This IP address can be used to reveal who you are and where you are. Using a VPN or Virtual Private Network is a good way to mask your location. When you connect using a Virtual Private Network, the IP address that is associated with the email that you send out is the IP address of the server and not your location.

You can also simply hide the communication that you are engaged in. You can find a number of free services that encrypt email communication. Some send your messages in plain text while others completely encrypt and decrypt your messages on local computers so the only person who is able to read those messages is the person that you send them to.

If you are using encryption, certain people can obtain and then decrypt those messages if they gain access to your inbox. There are services available for a small charge that will encrypt your messages and then eliminate them completely after one week so they are eliminated from your computer altogether. Various communication tools will also give you communication that leaves absolutely no trace so just as soon as your recipient reads the message that you send, it is completely eliminated from your system. Higher prices systems will eliminate your messages and make it impossible for your recipients to forward, print or even copy those messages.

Why you want to keep your email messages private is your own business. If you are afraid that someone may be able to hack your system and read your messages or if you are avoiding subpoenas or other legal issues, there are things that you can do to ensure that the messages you send are never seen by anyone other than who you send them to. One way to ensure that you never get mixed up in a legal battle is to simply never send emails that you should not send. If you have sensitive data that should never be shared, then simply do not share it. Even the best service in the world is not going to stop someone who is really set on getting into your mail so if you are sharing private information that should not be shared, there is no way for you to really hide it. If you are simply looking to ensure that someone does not make off with private data that may have to do with your business or personal life, these steps can help you to better protect your email privacy.