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Hyperthyroidism Facts and Treatment – You Should Know

Unfortunately, the human body not always can cope with an escalating load from outside environment. Stresses and the crisis moments on work, hassle in public transport, a load of responsibility and a time trouble this is the list of the unpleasant situations .

Sometimes their consequence is the raised diaphoresis differently named a hyperhidrosis both bringing person a discomfort and absolutely unnecessary complexes in dialogue with people, realization of sex contacts, public statements. Diaphoresis is the normal physiological process which is carrying out function of a thermoregulation of an organism. With its help our body maintains the optimum temperature.

But plentiful allocation of sweat on palms and stops, in the field of axilla’s and a thorax is already a deviation demanding treatment. If you have passed medical examination and were convinced that do not suffer diseases of endocrine, cardiovascular systems, there are infections and tumoral processes then also the reasons for alarm are not present, after all no variants for treatment of the raised diaphoresis such – great variety. Allocate three degrees of a hyperhidrosis on force of a diaphoresis.

So, it can be easy degree – when the sweating is high enough, however neither the person, nor its environment do not perceive it as anomaly. There is a hyperhidrosis of average degree – at it, let us assume, to shake hands with other person already begins a problem, as a palm often wet. And serious degree of expression of the raised diaphoresis is expressed in wet clothes, a pungent smell of sweat and volume that associates avoid contacts to the patient.

So simple psychological disease becomes an acute social problem, preventing to communicate us with associates, adding complexes and amplifying from that even more. To define, whether you suffer a hyperhidrosis it is not so difficult. It is just necessary to give yourself answers to questions on how often you should take a shower, change clothes; whether members of your family or the fellow worker notice that you strongly sweat; whether the diaphoresis is constant or is periodical, whether it depends on nervous strains.

For women the raised diaphoresis is characteristic at climacteric age and during the premenstrual period, also delivering mass of inconveniences. The hyperhidrosis can be caused also by a hereditary pathology. Most of all problems often delivers a superfluous diaphoresis of axillary hollows – there it is located most of all sweat glands, besides frequently wet axilla’s prevent to live: to put on fitting light dress, a shirt and to go to them all the day at a hyperhidrosis it is impossible, because treacherous maculae will appear already through a short time interval. Among methods of treatment of the raised sweating auto-training, psychotherapy, application of sedative preparations is extended.

Folk remedies – medical herbs are applied also: lotions from a muscat sage, a white willow, a dogrose, a field horsetail, an oak ordinary, etc. Also a variant – a local ionophoresis with tap water application, but for it are also the minuses: first, it not all helps patients, and the effect from treatment short-term – approximately in three weeks needs to be repeated expensive procedure.

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