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Important Tips For Starting an Office Cleaning Business

Important Tips For Starting an Office Cleaning Business

When starting an office cleaning business your job duties will include dusting, cleaning, sanitizing and vacuuming commercial offices. Your business can focus on a particular aspect of office cleaning such as window cleaning, pressure washing, commercial carpet cleaning or janitorial services. For their general cleaning needs most commercial offices hire janitors but maid services can also be considered as an option.

Where will you work

When starting an office cleaning business your ideal location is an urban area with a lot of commercial offices. However just because you are located in a big city does not mean your office cleaning business will be successful. You should find out how much competition there is for your business. Once you do this determine if you are willing and able to compete with these businesses, and what you can offer that they can’t. Also keep in mind that your competition may already have contracts with their clients. When starting an office cleaning business you should also determine how far you are willing to travel to get to your clients. Consider the cost of gas and the time that would be spent driving to the location and back. You can start your office cleaning business from home or at a business location.

Basic Costs

Basic costs for starting a office cleaning business will vary depending on the type of services you provide. If your business is offering general maid services, basic costs will include cleaning products such as sanitizers, polishers, all purpose cleaners, plenty of rags, bucket, sponge and a vacuum cleaner with a traveling case. It is a good idea to have some extension cords in case you need them for the vacuum cleaner. If you will be providing a specific service such as carpet cleaning you will have to get heavy duty carpet cleaning equipment. This equipment can be expensive so you can decide to rent or lease in the beginning. You will most likely be driving to different locations so it is important to have a reliable vehicle. It is a good idea to get a GPS when traveling to new locations.

Important Tips

  • Protect your business from liability– Get your office cleaning business bonded and fully insured before taking on any clients. In the case that you break something or your client decides to sue you over of suspicion of theft having insurance can help cover these incidents.
  • Consider wearing uniforms– Business people expect a certain degree of professionalism. That is why it is a good idea to get uniforms. Uniforms gives your business a more polished and professional appearance which business people like. This is an especially good idea if you are providing a specialized service such as power washing or commercial carpet cleaning.
  • Have a Flexible Schedule– When starting a office cleaning business, you can decide to work on a part time or full time basis. Most businesses prefer their janitorial or maid services to be done at night or after business hours. This is seen as a benefit to some who are busy during the day.

Advertising an Office Cleaning Business

When advertising your office cleaning business be sure to keep track of how effective each form of advertising is. For example putting an ad in the yellowpages can be expensive so keep track of how many clients find you through the yellowpages. This way you will know if it is worthwhile to put an ad in the yellowpages next year. Stick with the forms of advertisements that are producing the best results for your business. Here are some ideas of how you can advertise your office cleaning business through the following methods:

  • Cold Calling– Call local owners of commercial office spaces and make them aware of your services. You can decide to entice them with bonuses or incentives for trying your services.
  • Direct Mail– Look in the yellow pages for addresses of commercial offices. You can then send flyers/ brochures/ coupons for your cleaning services.
  • Business Cards– Create business cards and hand them whenever an opportunity appears.
  • Yellow Pages– Consider buying an advertisement in the yellow pages of your local phone book. You can also include your business in the online version: YellowPages.com.
  • Local.com – Having a listing at Local.com can help people that are searching for your service or product locally find you.
  • Yahoo Local Searches – If you include your business in the Yahoo Local Searches, when people search for your service your business will appear in the list. To add your business to Yahoo local search, enter the term “add business to yahoo local search” in Yahoo.com and click on the first link.
  • Google Local Searches – Google has a local search as well. To add your business to Google local search, enter the term “add business to google search” in Google.com and click on the first link.
  • Website – You can decide to develop a website to provide clients with access to general information about your office cleaning business.
  • Vehicle Advertising – Advertising on your vehicle can be an effective way to get the word out about your office cleaning business. Be sure to include your business names along with contact number and website if you have one. If your business name doesn’t contain the words “office cleaning” be sure to include that as well so people know what service your business provides.
  • Newspaper classified ads– When starting a office cleaning business ads in your local newspaper can help attract new clients.


Green Cleaning is a recent trend in the house and office cleaning industry. Green cleaning is cleaning without the use of chemically-reactive and toxic cleaning products that harm environment. People are becoming more conscious of the environment and are seeking environmentally safe ways of doing things. Some people are also sensitive to the harsh chemicals used in cleaning products, so green cleaning is a safer and healthier option for them.