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Intel’s Merrifield Generating Publicity – How It Works?

Smartphone technology is increasing and developing at an astonishing rate and Intel have just released their new framework for their next generation of Smartphone’s. Codenamed ‘Merrifield’, the new chips are expected to bring with them a wealth of new features to the Smartphone’s that will be released with the new technology inside however Intel themselves were fairly vague when it came to details regarding Merrifield although their outline for what it will be able to do is quite impressive.

According to the press conference that was led and headed by Intel’s executive Vice President of Sales Tom Kilroy, the new chip will give a 50% better battery life to the next generation of Smartphone’s. This will be fairly impressive considering one of the last phone’s to use the previous Intel chips, the Motorola Razor I, had one of the best battery performances on the market. It is expected that power consumption is going to be big on all the new phone’s that are due to be released although Intel seem to be taking the issue by the horns and trying t get themselves ahead of the crowd with Merrifield. In addition to this there is, according to Intel, going to be an entirely new atom architecture with the new chips. The current Intel based chips, Medfield and Clover Trail+, will be out dated fairly quickly and Merrifield is expected to continue Intel’s success with Smartphone’s.

Most of the Smartphone’s that you see on the market today use ARM chips and Intel only make up a small percentage of the market however with the success of their previous releases and with some understandable hype surrounding Merrifield then it would be of no surprise if the managed to expanded their market base somewhat. The new CEO of Intel, Brian Krzanich, recently affirmed the company’s commitment to mobile technology. The California based company are mostly renowned for their work with laptops and PC’s with their chips being present in most off the shelf computers at the minute however they have been trying to make some inroads to the mobile technology sector and their previous chips, in addition to the anticipated release of Merrifield, should see them succeed.

Merrifield is expected to be present on high end Smartphone devices and the very early prototype that was unveiled at the press conference showed it running on a 4 inch device. Merrifield was not the only big news from Intel however as their Bay Trail chips which are designed for laptops and tablets were also in the news. These new chips can run both Android and Windows on the one device and the Bay Trail tablets are due to be released later on in 2013 at a price of around $400.

While Merrifield will not be out until 2014 and it will be early next year before we get a good and proper idea of what it can achieve, the initial findings are positive and Intel are heading in the right direction to fully break into the mobile technology sector.

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