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Microsoft’s Bill Gates says: Just Bing It!

Microsoft’s Bill Gates says Just Bing It!

Microsoft will be unveiling their new search engine next week with a massive ad campaign upwards of $100 million to try and increase their single digit market share in the search industry. The search engine which was being tested under the codename Kumo, will be launched with its official name Bing.

Microsoft’s newest search engine and huge advertising expense are the company’s way of breaking into the lucrative search engine market, of which Google currently holds 65% and Yahoo 20%. The $100 million investment might seem very steep, but for the deep pockets of Microsoft, it is very worth the potential increase in market share.

The ad campaign will not attack the other search engines but will go after targeting users needs and asking if they are satisfied with their current results. The campaign will run online, on TV, on paper, and on the radio. The ad’s main objective will be to ultimately put doubt in the minds of long term Yahoo and Google users and convert them to future Bing users.

Microsoft is expected to make Bing’s launch announcement at this week’s All Things Digital conference at the Four Seasons Resort Aviara in Carlsbad, California from May 26 to May 28.

Microsoft earlier this year attempted to buy Yahoo for $30 billion and then tried to set up deals with them to increase Live’s market share, but was unsuccessful in breaking out of the single digits. They even set up a cashback search service which gave discounts on online purchases made through Live.

Microsoft wants to be a major player in the search engine market quite badly as we can see by the massive investments in advertising and joint ventures. Google has showed that the search engine market is a billion dollar industry and to control a large percentage of this market is massively profitable. The question remains though, what will Bing offer me that Google has not? And the name isn’t that great either…