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Mono Lake in California : A Beautiful Tourist Spot To Visit

What makes the Mono Lake in the state of California different from the others is its hyper salinity. The geological conditions in an altitude volcanic area, results to producing a strange landscape and an amazing ecosystem, with images that at times seem unreal. The most striking are the tufa towers emerging from the water.

Mono Lake is located in the county of the same name, in east central California. It is an alkaline lake and it is estimated that about 280 million tons of salt are dissolved in it. The lake was formed about 760,000 years with the eruption of the caldera of Long Valley.

It is believed that current size is the remnant of a much larger lake, so it would indeed be one of the oldest lakes in North America. What we see today is the dying lake landlocked, that is “stuck” in the middle of an area of great activity.

The curious formations that emerge above the water are calcareous tufa columns, an unusual rock formation typical of alkaline lakes that give the hallmark of the lake.

Another peculiarity of the ecosystem of the lake are the flies living on the edge, being the preferred food of migratory birds that makes a stopover at the lake. The waters with its salinity level, have no other life beyond a microscopic plankton.

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