Home Technology Most Anticipated Game Titles of 2013 – You Must See

Most Anticipated Game Titles of 2013 – You Must See

Most Anticipated Game Titles of 2013 - You Must See

2013 looks to be an exciting year for gamers. Plenty of our favorite franchises have their latest releases lined up for 2013 release, while gamers salivate and wait. Of course we can look forward to start our professional golf career with a new Tiger Woods PGA Tour, but here are three of the most eagerly anticipated titles of 2013.

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Rome 2: Total War

If there’s one complaint to be made about the Total War series, it’s the uncanny ability it has to steal your life. No game has managed to blend world diplomacy and politics with RTS as effectively as the Total War team. Not too complex, but not child’s play either; it’s the thinking man’s Age of Empires.

As is apparent in the title, this instalment will be whisking us back, once again, to the pre-Biblical times of the Roman Empire. Only this time, epic doesn’t begin to explain the battle maps we’ll be treated to. Armies will tussle in the streets of towering ancient cities, while the open air battles look essentially like they’re playing the opening scene from Gladiator. Not so sure? Well, take a look for yourselves.

Grand Theft Auto 5

While moody politicians like to blame its popularity on the intense violence, most serious gamers are hooked on the depth of the storyline and great cut scene animation. OK and running people over probably comes into it too, a little. But this is the franchise that put cinematic gaming on the map.

Taking from the scope of Rockstar’s previous offering, Red Dead Redemption, GTA 5 goes outside of the simple city setting. We will be granted an epic map, where players can travel between the two fictional cities of San Andreas and Los Santos and explore the beachfront, desert highways and mountain landscapes that lay in between.

As far as story goes, it seems we’ll get three characters to follow, whose stories intertwine. Also, there’s a hell of a lot of new side missions that should have no trouble eating every last crumb of our spare time. For a more detailed information and trailers, check out the Rockstar website.

Batman Arkham Origins

Since the release of Arkham Asylum, every fan of this franchise has been waiting for the game that finally allows you to explore, unrestricted, around the great (fictional) city of Gotham. Some said it would never come. Well ladies and gentlemen, shun the nay-sayers, as it seems all our wishes are about to come true!

Arkham Origins is a prequel, set several years before the events of Arkham Asylum, and quite early in the DC continuity. Batman is a little younger, a little less experienced and a little rougher around the edges. Gotham has yet to be taken over by the ‘crazies’ and the likes of Falcone and other gang bosses still hold their sway over the city. Only the coup has begun, with the empires of both Penguin and Black Mask on the rise (and a few more undoubtedly popping up throughout the story). The GCPD still don’t know what to make of this young vigilante and Gordon is still a captain.

The story revolves around the bounty put on the Bat’s head by Black Mask on Christmas Eve, of all nights. Signal roll call for all the deadliest of DC’s assassins (Deathstroke confirmed and Deadshot will undoubtedly make another appearance). Game play is said to be pretty similar to previous instalments, but why improve on perfection? Scheduled for October release.