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Most Common Symptoms Of Pregnancy In First Month

Pregnancy is that beautiful stage in the life of a woman that makes her complete.

The joy of awaiting one’s own child cannot be described in words and the ‘mother to be’ feels overjoyed with the feeling of carrying a life inside her. Starting from the very first day of pregnancy to the delivery date, a woman experiences a lot of physical changes in her body. There are numerous symptoms of pregnancy in first month– some very common and others, very rare. The changes in the body start when the egg becomes fertilized. Although the symptoms differ from woman to woman, but there are some common signs and symptoms that every woman shows, when pregnant.

These symptoms could be noticed by some women in the earliest stage of pregnancy, while could take their time to acknowledge those symptoms. In this article about health, we’ve enlisted most prominent symptoms of pregnancy: The first symptom of pregnancy is the missing of periods. The monthly menstrual cycle is experienced by woman normally after a period of 28 days. A missed period clearly indicates that the woman is pregnant. However in some cases light spotting may occur and it may be confused for a period.

This symptom is quite common and usually vanishes at the end of the first tri semester. Another symptom of pregnancy in first month is frequent urination. The bladder gets filled faster due to various hormonal changes in the body and this leads to frequent urination.

This feeling is due to the fact that the body has to work harder in order to take care of the baby. The expectant mother may feel the need to rest and take long naps. Pregnant women may also faint and experience dizziness. If you suddenly have started craving for certain foods then it can also be due to the fact that you are expecting. Women also develop aversion to certain types of food right from the first month of pregnancy. Swollen or tender breasts, is another symptom of pregnancy in first month. The nipples also become darker in color and the veins on the breasts become more prominent.

This is so because that the hormonal changes in the body prepare the body for breast feeding the baby in the future. Some women also experience bloating in the lower abdomen. This bloating is similar to that experienced during the occurrence of monthly periods. A simple urine pregnancy test can be conducted at home to confirm the pregnancy in the first month itself.

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