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Most Luxurious and Expensive Yachts In The World

Yachts is a large and usually expensive boat which is used for racing or for traveling around for pleasure. Richest people buy yachts for entertain themselves, their family or friends by travelling on river or seas. Today, I will introduce 7 most expensive and luxurious yachts in the world in this article with yachts image. Let’s see these expensive yachts at a glance.

1. Eclipse


Bought in December 2010 by Russian businessman, Roman Abramovich, the Eclipse is worth a whopping $1 billion. The Eclipse is 536 feet long, holding the title of the 2nd largest private yacht in the world. The eclipse is equipped with a restaurant, a cinema, disco hall, swimming pools, hair salon and 2 helipads. Wow.

2. A Superyacht

A Superyacht

This 390-foot, elegant yacht is owned by another Russian businessman, Andrey Melnichenko. The A yacht is so luxurious that even faucets are worth $40,000! It can accommodate up to 37 crew members and 40 plus guests. The total worth of the A yacht is $390 million.

3. Serene


Another Russian makes it on our list today: Yuri Scheffler, a vodka distributor. The Italian-designed yacht was purchased by Scheffler in August 2011 for $330 million. The 7-deck yacht is equipped with outdoor and indoor pools, staterooms and many more. Even billionaire Bill Gates was captivated by its beauty, that he rented the yacht for $5 million per week during the summer of 2014.

4. Radiant Superyacht

Radiant Superyacht

This beautiful yacht is currently owned by billionaire car dealer, Abdulla Al Futtaim of UAE. The Radiant was previously owned by Russian businessman, Boris Berezovsky, who sold it to Futtaim in 2009. The Radiant Superyacht is not your typical luxury yacht. Aside from having the usual gym, jacuzzi, and other parts of the yacht for leisure, the Radiant is equipped with water cannons and sonic guns in preparation for any attackers. It also has a speedboat ready just in case the situation calls for a quick escape. The Radiant Superyacht is worth $320 million.

5. Al Said

Al Said

This 155-meter yacht is owned by the Sultan of Oman, Qaboos bin Said Al Said. The Al Said can accommodate 154 crew and 70 guests. The $300 million yacht was delivered to the Sultan in 2008. It is equipped with a concert space, an elevator and a helipad.

6. Pelorus


The Pelorus is a 115-metered yacht presently owned by Hollywood movie mogul, David Geffen. Geffen purchased the $300 million yacht in 2011 from Russian billionaire, Roman Abramovich’s ex-wife from their divorce settlement. The Pelorus is a luxurious yacht equipped with jet skis, 2 helipads and a garage full of expensive toys.

7. Al Mirqab

Al Mirqab

The beautiful Al Mirqab is owned by former Qatar Prime Minister, Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber bin Muhammad Al Thani. The luxury yacht can accommodate up to 55 crews and 24 guests and is equipped with a helipad, jacuzzis, bars, a swimming pool and a movie theater. The Al Mirqab is 133 meters long and is worth $250 million.

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