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New Site To Provide Dog Owners With Information On Training And Pet Care

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 39% of households in the United States alone include at least one dog; and the number of dog owners worldwide continues to grow with

every passing day. Dog owners are an incredibly diverse group, but all dog owners have one thing in common – they all want the best for their pets and to that end,

they all want information about how best to care for their companion animals.
With this in mind, California-based dog lover and entrepreneur Jane Edward launched the new website, an online resource designed to provide dog owners

as well as people thinking about adopting a dog with the information they need to give their four legged family member the best possible care. Jane plans for the site

to run the full gamut of topics related to dog ownership and care, including feeding, training, bathing and everything and anything else dog owners need to know.

Our pets are incredibly important to us; in many ways, they are fully fledged members of our families. Although there’s certainly no shortage of information on pet

care on the web, offers dog lovers the information they’re looking for in one easy to access location. Whether you’re thinking about adopting a puppy or

adult dog for the first time or you’re a long time dog owner looking for a way to train your dog out of a bad habit, this site is made with you in mind.

Doggyholic offers useful information and helpful tips on feeding, care, training, health and even a memorial section for dog

owners to share treasured memories of their dearly departed pets with like-minded pet owners. The site is still in its early stages, but new content is being added

almost daily by Jane and the rest of the staff of Doggyholic, making this a site that every dog owner – or prospective dog owner – will certainly want to keep an eye on as it grows.

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