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Standing Desk On Amazon Is Being Sold At 30%

Tired of sitting all day at work, poring over voluminous documents or doing whatever task lies before you?

There is now a way for you to work while standing.

Amazon is offering an Avantree standing portable desk at 30 percent off its original price.

The desk comes in just one color – American cherry.


As described on the product page, the standing desk:

  • Acts as a laptop table, a standing desk for office work, a tray for snacks while watching TV, a laptop stand while relaxing in bed or a stand for your book or tablet.
  • Is easy to use and has two auto-lock buttons on each side that allows the user to make height adjustments from 9.4″-12.6″).
  • Has two clamps that can allow the user to adjust the surface angle (from 0-30 degrees).
  • Is light enough to carry around and stow away because it can be folded.
  • Is made of 100 percent, environment-friendly engineered wood, which is strong and durable.
  • Is portable so a user can carry it anywhere to do work.

Beneficial to One’s Health And Can Be Used By Those With Disabilities

When used along with a regular desk, the product page also said a user wouldn’t have to worry about suffering backache and spondylitis caused by sitting at work for an extended period.

A customer, whose toddler fractured a leg, described the product as “amazing.”

“It adjusts to her needs and has different purposes; she eats, reads, plays with her phone! Love it. There is no assembly required started using it as soon as I got it!” the customer said.


The multifunctional foldable desk is compatible with 15” laptop computers or smaller with a mouse, and 17″ laptop computers without a mouse.

The adjustable table’s original price is $42, but it’s being sold on Amazon for $29.99 for savings of $13.

What’s Next?

Have you bought the Avantree multifunctional desk? What can you say about the product? Share them by commenting below.

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