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The Most Beautiful Gardens in the World – You Should See

There are a lot of famous gardens in the world, where thousands of visitors comes everyday to explore it’s beauty. Among them, here I will introduce 5 most beautiful gardens in the world. I hope you must like them.

Versailles Garden – France

Versailles, Garden – France
Versailles Garden in France

The 800-hectare Versailles Garden is landscaped with the classic French style. The garden is one of the most sought-after places to visit when in France. It is rich in plants, trees, parterres of flowers, fountains and sculptures. If you want a total Parisian experience, then wander around this beautiful garden.

Miracle Garden – Dubai

Miracle Garden – Dubai
Miracle Garden in Dubai

Dubai surely continues to make us awe in marvel with their fascinating places. Besides tall skyscrapers, unique buildings and amazing fountains, Dubai is also the home of the world’s biggest natural flower garden: The Dubai Miracle Garden. The 72,000 square metered garden is located in Dubailand. Here, you will see flowers formed into beautiful shapes and designs. Each season, the floral displays are changed so spectators will have something to look forward to every time they return.

Villa d’Este – Italy

Villa d’Este – Italy
Villa d’Este Garden in Italy

If you wish to travel back to the Renaissance era, then the Villa d’Este Garden will give you that feel. The garden is lush with greens and pools of water. It also has a villa that shows a perfect example of Renaissance architecture.

Yuyuan Garden – China

Yuyuan Garden – China
Yuyuan Garden of China

Yu means happiness in English. And this is what you’ll certainly feel as soon as you enter Yuyuan Garden’s gates. It is so beautiful and serene that you will forget all of your worries and just experience total bliss. Completed in 1557 in Anren Jie, Shanghai, the garden was built by a Ming Dynasty government officer by the name of Pan Yunduan. He built this garden for his parents so they can enjoy their years. Of course, the garden has undergone changes in its hundreds of years of existence.

Butchart Gardens – Canada

Butchart Gardens – Canada
Butchart Gardens of Canada

The Butchart Gardens is located in Vancouver, Canada. Built by Jennie Butchart over a century ago, it is now one of the most beautiful gardens in the world. The garden is home to thousands of different species of plant life. Here, you will not only enjoy seeing colorful blooms and smelling their scents, but you can also enjoy concerts, firework shows and take part in many more activities. The Butchart Gardens is declared as one of the National Historic Sites of Canada.

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