Home News The New PSP Go Leaked Early – Know Why This Happened

The New PSP Go Leaked Early – Know Why This Happened

The New PSP Go Leaked Early - Know Why This Happened

With E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) now underway, everyone is anticipating the participating companies’ press conferences which are never a letdown. Companies often reveal new games, hardware, and software at these press conferences and this year is no different. Sony has leaked information, pictures, and some specs of their replacement to the the popular hand held gaming device, the PSP Go. Sony’s official E3 press conference isn’t until Tuesday, but their major announcement came early when Qore, an online magazine, released a YouTube video of the new PSP Go.

The PSP Go will have a sliding form factor like many new phones. Unfortunately the rumors of a second thumbstick for the PSP Go were not correct but it still looks like a very awesome device. It will have an on-board, flash memory of 16 GB. The device will also feature Bluetooth and the ability to tether the device to your cell phone, so you can use your cell phone’s data plan on the PSP Go. The unit itself is smaller than the PSP 3000, and will offer a more immersive gaming experience.

There are rumors that the device will not have a UMD drive, and that the company will put more emphasis on downloading the games to the device. With 16 GB of space, you will be able to fill that drive up with a bunch of movies and games from the PlayStation Network.

John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, says “Integration with the PS3 is very important, and it works just like the PSP 3000. A lot of people like to be able to take their PS3 content with them on the go.”

Here are a few specs for the new PSP Go:

3.8″ Screen

16 GB  Flash Memory

D-Pad on the left, buttons on the right, start/select in the center

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (with the ability to tether a cellphone)

Digital media support like the previous PSP

Available Fall of 2009 (Great back to school present!)

A release date and price have not been specified yet, but stay tuned for updates on new information concerning the PSP Go!

UPDATE: The PSP Go! has been confirmed by Sony and will be available in Europe and North America October 1st priced at $250.