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Turkey: The Grace of the Mediterranean

Turkey is a paradise of sun, sea, mountains and lakes that offer different sceneries that will make you forget your usual routine. A rich history has left a strong mark in this Islamic country. Turkey, with its magnificent past, has a treasure full of historic ruins which have sheltered more than twenty important civilizations. Twenty glorious civilizations have bequeathed in some 10,000 ancient cities and nearly 50,000 burial mounds are yet to be explored.

Turkey is a land of wide open spaces, massive mountain ranges, and fertile valleys. Turkey graces the Mediterranean climate and the severe beauty of its highlands. The four seas that surround this beautiful country have over 8,333 km of mild coastline. Turkey has 150 to 300 days of sunshine per year by region. Its vegetation and wildlife are a dazzling diversity. Also, the openness and hospitality of its people is unforgettable.

Turkey has all the advantages to attract more and more people. Turkey currently offers tourists the charm of its enchanting beaches, the charm of Istanbul, the historical and archeological sites of Ephesus, Didim, Pergamum, Troy, among others. Turkey also has its art treasures and nature of Cappadocia, the amazing site of Pamukkale, the mysteries of Mount Nemrud, and the endless silence of Mount Ararat. Turkey has the richest heritage in the Mediterranean basin.

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