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Types of Online Learning Styles – You Should Know

Online learning is the newest concept in the field of education. This incorporates the use of technology for the purpose of ones convenience and usability.

Where online learning has yielded benefit providing advantages like studying from home and lower cost of education, it has resulted in altering the basic manner in which education was imparted to students. We have now moved on from the traditional classroom to the virtual world of computer and online schools. The most important thing is the majority of the people do not understand the true manner in which online education is imparted. Reading this article will enable you to understand the different aspects of online learning that people usually miss while making a decision.

Tuition Methods

In case you feel like taking an online degree, it is advisable that you consider the different teaching and tuition methods that are implied in these courses. The most important aspect is that the teaching methods in online courses are a lot different that the degree being taken on campus. Students have to adjust and many a students are likely to fail as a result of this change for a simple rule, changes do not go down well in most cases. Therefore, it is extremely important for students to consider what they are getting into and evaluate all the pros and cons against one another. Knowing the manner in which you are going to be taught is also helpful in learning and ensures success in any type of educational setting.

Learning Styles

Scholars have pointed out three basic styles of learning, based on the different senses and their combinations. The three main styles of learning incorporate in education systems worldwide are:

  • Auditory
  • Visual
  • Kinesthetic

Incorporating all the senses of hearing, speaking, viewing, touching and tasting is the basic essential in any learning process, absence of any of the above will lead to serious setbacks, in the learning procedures. Now considering the fact that education is a two way communication, you listen and view, different media that is being provided to you and then you put your questions through to the other individual, this how education ideally takes place.

Auditory and Visual Pathways in Learning

Auditory and visual learning play a sophisticated role in the development of brain and affect the sentry centers in the brain. Auditory pathways enable us to incorporate knowledge, this coupled with visual pathways, multiplies the effect. However, performing the same thing or doing a task help remains information and knowledge for an even longer duration of time. Kinesthetic has found its practicality in nearly all fields that is why we see the incorporation of practical training as an essential in nearly all the studies that are undertaken at the graduate and undergraduate level.

Active/Passive education in online teaching 

In online teaching students are mostly likely to be touched through an online conference, video calls, recorded videos and emails. At the same time students can contact back by incorporating the use of video call teleconferencing and via emails. Kinesthetic is something does not take place in an online class. However students can undertake all these activities in their natural working environment, in their homes or in the form of their hobbies.

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