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Urban Planning and Smart City design Tops ATRI’s priorities

Planning and Designing cities to accommodate trucks is the topmost priority of American Transportation Research Institute which will inquest further this year based on the organization’ s press release last April 2.

The Research Advisory Committee (RAC) crafted the list and was first identifies in their meeting last March, ATRI’s board of directors approved the list during its meeting last week.

Each year, they develop a list of topics for its annual meeting, there are numerous topics but narrowed down to 6. These efforts are to hopefully avoid distracted driving

ATRI’s Top Priorities

Urban planning and smart city design are examining how to incorporate freight delivery. In the process, business owners are looking into technology such as Elog apps that helps the trucking service’ daily business.

This will allow trucks to be in the city in a safe and systematic way. This also gives them the flexibility to go through any designated parts in the city.

Autonomous vehicles and the role and impact of government regulation. Identify the pros and cons of the regulation at the state level. Analyze operational environment and identify the model of legislation on how autonomous technologies should be deployed.

Public comments made a buzz online about the existing regulations that could impact the implementation of autonomous trucks are fielded by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety.

Understand driving requirements that can be modified by autonomous truck technology with the use of  ELDs.

Examining the commercial motor vehicle crash data and review its consistency and accuracy. Fund ways to improve data from collections, quality review, data management and submission for both local and state levels.

They are also checking on some discrepancy in CDL testing. Requirements across the state will be reviewed and identify the best practices to come up with effective testing requirements.

Identifying best practices for cannabis intoxicating testing, expanding research in the US and abroad, this will focus on the maximum level of intoxication and also determine possible ways to test driver sobriety.

Autonomous impacts on the Truck Driver, a thorough analysis of how Autonomous truck technologies can change the driving requirements and operational environment for commercial drivers. This will also give focus and will go with the ELD mandate.

What to expect?

The American Transportation Research Institute is affiliated with the American trucking association. The institute collects and analyzes data on current and crucial transportation issues.

Their research in the past has helped developed and improve transportation problems with the help of advanced technology.

Last year’s list includes Driven to distraction, HOS Flexibility, Impact of e-commerce on trucking, Truck bottle necks trend and Autonomous truck’s impact on the truck driver.

This will help maintain the wellbeing and preparedness of Truck drivers especially that their hours of sleep or rest are also recorded with the help of Logbook apps.

Truck Drivers and owners are expecting that the result of the research will greatly benefit both parties in a good way that will help maintain the business and safety.

These topics will always be followed and processes that are unfair and inconsistent should be stopped immediately. Everybody just wants to have a fair process and make sure that it is safe for the community.

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