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What You Need To Know About Apple’s iOS 7

Everyone expects Apple to bring out new and exciting products regularly. Their iOS 7 is expected to be a great new operating system. Apple revealed a bit about the new operating system at the Worldwide Developers Conference recently and claims that it should be the best system that they have rolled out thus far. Along with a new look, iOS 7 will have a host of new features.

Speaking from just a feature perspective, iOS 7 looks to be quite different from previous versions. The Control Center is available as a pull up from the lock screen and allows users to adjust the volume as well as rotation lock, airplane mode and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other settings. It also contains tabs for the camera, music and other apps and a flashlight. It takes on whatever environment it is currently in. This means that when you swipe the control center from mail, it takes on the same coloring that you already have displayed. iOS 7 also allows users to multitask between apps without actually draining the battery completely. Just a quick double tap of the home button will allow you to enter the multitasking mode.

The search field in Safari has been revamped to give users access to favorite sites with just one tap and the tabs have an entirely new interface. There are no limits to how you can scroll and you can have multiple tabs if you want. You simply swipe the tab to get rid of it. Safari in iOS 7 has been integrated with iCloud keychain and has parental controls.

The camera app has also been improved. You can swipe between different camera modes and types like HDR or panorama which enables faster camera use. In the photos application, you can search through photos from date or location and there are photo filters so that you can make your pictures look a bit more professional. You can also share those photos via iCloud or AirDrop and other photo streams. iCloud also allows for sharing videos.

Of course, the new operating system is going to have Siri. You have the options of choosing between a male or a female voice and languages from German, French and others. There has been a major upgrade to the visual UI as well as settings so that you can instruct Siri to turn on your Bluetooth, lower the brightness of your screen and perform other functions. Wikipedia and Twitter support are enabled and search results will come directly from Bing.

While the new iOS 7 will not be available until fall, many iPhone users are already anticipating the major changes that have taken place. There are also changes to the design of the operating system and a few other key functions that are enabled. While some of the features may certainly change before its initial release later in 2013, it looks as if Apple has ironed out most of the kinks that users dealt with from past versions and are ready to take their devices to the next level.

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