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What You Need To Know About The Cliff Palace

The United States is a fantastic country. We entertain ourselves talking about their big cities, as well as its other tourist spots. There is much to see and there are a lot of great jewels that are offered to travelers. One of this is the Cliff Palace, a place that surely will astound you.

Cliff Palace can be visited within the Mesa Verde National Park, Montezuma County, Colorado. The park is over 200 square miles for its cultural value and biodiversity has been declared World Heritage.

This area had a different rhythm back in the sixth century when the Anasazi Indians made this their home. Years later, in the twelfth century, they began to carve caves in canyon walls, leaving this masterpiece that has persisted to this day.

Going through this magical place in Colorado will let you see the town’s largest of its kind in North America, dating from between 1190 CE to c. 1260.

These neat pieces are made of sandstone, mortar and sustained strength of wooden beams. All of a craft that involved using harder stones to shape the sand and fill holes with pebbles. The ornamentation was deduced and was not neglected. In fact, the walls were colored with earth tones that the time was responsible for washing.

The openings of the houses are of medium size, commensurate with the level of the people who dwelt. Then, the inhabitants of Cliff Palace had an average height of less than 1.70 m. and women did not exceed the 1.55 m.

Knowing the Palace on the Cliff is one of those activities we have a very different time in the north country, a story rarely shown by the Americans.

Imagine traveling the 23 kivas (round rooms sunken below ground level with ceremonial importance) and the 150 rooms where these 100 people lived in the midst of a place as inhospitable. The main kiva is located in the center of the ruins and is located just at a point in the structure that is divided by a series of walls without doors.

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