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Which Comes First – iPad 5 or iPad Mini 2?

As predicted, Apple has begun releasing bits of information about their newest edition in the iPad lineup. The iPad 5 is rumored to be released sometime late in 2013 although many thought that the iPad Mini 2 would hit shelves before the iPad 5. It looked like it would be a race to the finish line but speculation shows that the iPad 5 may just edge out the iPad Mini 2 by a closer release date.

Apple speculators have rumored that Q3 will be the time period for the release of the iPad 5, the 5th in the iPad generation. The iPad Mini 2 however, could be several months behind. Last year, the mini made its debut a bit sooner but industry rumors show that it could be late in November, 2013 before the newest mini will make it to the market.

Industry insiders also speculate that the iPad 5 will have a mini appearance with narrower bezels and a thinner panel as well as a lighter weight than previous versions. Because the mini is predicted to be a major seller, Apple may simply be allowing the iPad 5 just a bit of time to shine before releasing the smaller iPad version. The mini is expected to have a Retina Display that could seriously rival the 9.7 inch iPad display.

As with many Apple releases, the holidays are looking like a prime time period for the new mini to hit the market. This means loads of Christmas lists with an iPad Mini 2 on them, which could very well be Apple’s big plan. The company normally waits until the latter part of the year, closer to the holiday season before offering new devices, likely because of the Christmas shopping season. With rumors of a new iPhone coming late in the year as well as the iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2, it looks as if Apple may be a bit busy during the holidays. Most companies know that the holiday season is the most profitable time of year where devices are concerned and waiting until Q3 for the iPad 5 and then Q4 for the Mini 2 could significantly boost Apple’s overall sales during the holiday season.

Apple has already announced its early intentions for the iOS 7 which was highly anticipated. Waiting just a few months however for more information about the latest in their iPad lineups could seriously stress out iPad appreciators. While it may take a while to see these devices on shelves, many appreciate just hearing what Apple has in mind for the coming months. Samsung is set to release the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 later in the year as well which is set to rival the iPad and their new smartphone that doubles as a digital camera could put a serious kink in Apple’s end of the year profit margin.

Those anxiously awaiting further word from Apple may have a few more weeks to wait. As Apple lovers continue to stalk the internet for more news, it is unsure just when the company may decide to release these newest versions or what they may be planning for 2014.

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