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Why You Should Pay Close Attention to Your Ad Creatives

Designing ad creatives that generate clicks isn’t easy.

You need to consider several factors and align them not just with your business goals but also with your audience’s needs.

After all, they’re the ones you’re wooing with your ads to say “yes” to your offers.

With your ad creatives, you can either attract your potential buyers and achieve your targets, or repel them and waste your marketing resources.

Here’s how ad creatives can make or break your business.

Ad creatives can generate loads of engagement.

Catchy ad creatives stir your audience to engage with your brand, prompting them to comment, share, or even tag their social media friends.

This supercharges your brand awareness and customer relationships, leading to product patronage and consumer loyalty.

However, if you design your ad creatives poorly, your audience will ignore them. You’ll pay for your ad to go live, but you won’t get anything meaningful in return.

Depending on your objectives, produce engaging ad creatives by entertaining yet offering value to your audience.

Check out some more best practices:

  • Mention what your customers are looking for and the solution you provide.
  • Unless you’re using videos, animate your images. Some social platforms offer templates that automate movement in your ads.
  • Use vertical formats when targeting mobile audiences.

Ad creatives help you get more sales and conversions.

If you’re like most business owners, you’re running ads to direct your audience to your landing or product pages and influence them to buy.

When designing ads, emphasize crucial elements, such as your CTAs. Displaying them tells your customers what you want them to do and compels them to respond.

Make your CTAs concise and visible enough but not too flashy, so you don’t appear too desperate for your customers’ money, which turns them off.

Here’s an example by Samsung:

Follow these other ecommerce marketing tips so your ads can bring in more sales:

  • Evoke urgency and a fear of missing out (FOMO) by indicating end dates, inserting countdowns, and others.
  • Host contests and giveaways where customers can win exclusive prizes. Announce these in your ads, along with qualifications for joining, such as minimum spend, etc.
  • Keep your designs clean and attractive. This directs users’ focus on conversion-focused elements within three seconds of seeing your ad. Too many details can distract your customers and cause them to ignore your ad.

Ad creatives can boost your credibility.

The quality of your design can earn or break your audience’s trust and impression of your brand.

Visually appealing ads tell your customers that you deliver excellent services, convincing them to avail of your offer.

Ensure your ad creatives look trustworthy with these techniques:

*Employ a neat, clean layout, with readable fonts and appropriate color schemes.

*Use high-resolution photos and images.

*Prefer original product photos over stock ones.

*Match your statements with your brand voice.

*Mention your specialization, or the expert advice customers can get from your offer.

On the other hand, unprofessional-looking ads turn off customers, making you look illegitimate and unworthy of their time and money.

These include ads with too-good-to-be-true promises, CTAs followed by too many exclamation points, pixelated and blurry photos, etc.

If you’re struggling with designing credible ad creatives yourself, don’t hesitate to tap first-rate agencies online.

They have competitive ad creative packages and the marketing expertise to produce stunning ads for your brand’s trustworthy image.

You can even tap them to help you develop your entire ad campaign that aligns with your business targets, brand identity, etc.

Your ad creative can build brand affinity.

Project your values in your ad creatives to attract buyers who uphold the same ideals.

This helps you build meaningful relationships, foster consumer loyalty, and retain customers even for a long time.

When you don’t display your values, you’ll be less able to connect deeply with like-minded customers and motivate them to purchase.

People will also think you’re only after their money and not after what matters to them.

Leveraging color psychology is one technique for your ad to project your values. Use specific colors to evoke emotions you want users to feel toward your brand.

Here’s what each color conveys:

  • Blue: Dependability, strength, stability
  • Red: Passion, boldness, energy
  • Green: Health and wellness, nature, wealth
  • Yellow: Happiness, optimism, warmth
  • Orange: Friendliness, enthusiasm, confidence
  • Black/Grey: Balance, neutrality
  • Violet: Creativity, fantasy, royalty
  • Pink: Compassion, sincerity, sweetness

Showcase one to two dominant colors and align them with your text or audio script, so your message remains consistent and resonant with your audience.

Your ad creatives can help you win in Facebook’s ad auction.

Many marketers use Facebook ads now for several reasons, such as the potential to reach and remarket to a larger audience base.

If you’re one of them, then you should know how Facebook Ads’ bidding system works as it decides which ad creative to show every user.

This bidding system balances your interests and those of your audience — ensuring you reach people receptive to your ads and users see something they like.

The deciding factor lies on which one provides the most overall potential value based on:

  • Your bid, which shows your level of interest in displaying your ad;
  • Ad quality and relevance, or how much Facebook thinks a user likes to see your ad. Facebook examines this by the amount of interaction and kind of negative feedback your ad gains.
  • Estimated action rate. This tells how likely your audience will respond to your ad according to their previous actions and your ad’s earlier performance.

Improve your ad creative’s value offer by aligning your ad content with your audience’s interests, making your design visually appealing, and adding appropriate CTAs.

Do this repeatedly so you’ll have a consistently stellar ad performance and increase your chances for Facebook to display your ads.

Your ad creative can lower your ad cost.

Platforms charge businesses less money when they have high-performing ads.

For instance, Instagram Ads has native functionalities that score (among other things) your ad’s quality, relevance, and level of engagement to determine the cost.

It also considers how well your ads bring in conversions you’ve optimized for, the positive feedback gained (views, app installs, etc.), and negative ones (“I don’t want to see this” clicks).

Instagram then rates your ad quality on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as the highest. Scores 1 to 3 are considered low, while 6 and above are high.

The higher your score is, the smaller your fee will be.

Achieve higher ad quality scores by improving your ad content. Here are a few tips:

  • Make it relevant, interactive, and conversion-focused.
  • Mention your customers’ pain points and the solution your product brings.
  • Diversify your ad’s design and content to excite your audience and prevent ad fatigue.
  • Split-test your creatives to determine which asset shows better results, which elements to remove or enhance, and so on.

Over to You

Your ad creatives can make your business when you consistently execute best practices, monitor your performance, and apply necessary improvements.

Balance your company goals and customers’ interests as you design your ad creatives — and you’ll see them spell a difference in your online business over time.

Tanvir Ahmed, a passionate, committed and dedicated blogger. He is the admin of and many other websites. Loves to his share ideas and thoughts among users in online.

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