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Xbox Takes Gaming Farther – Social Networking, TV, etc…

Xbox Takes Gaming Farther – Social Networking, TV, etc…

Microsoft today announced their new strategy for the Xbox 360 gaming console, which will expand the realm of console gaming to include movies, television, and social networking. New deals with social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, and British satellite television provider Sky, will transform the face of Microsoft’s Xbox and its users experience.

Facebook users will be able to access their profiles and photos, and Twitter users will be able to post Tweets through the Xbox Live network directly on their television screen.

British Xbox users are going to love the new Sky partnership. Xbox users living in Britain will be able to watch live television over an internet ready version of Sky and enjoy sporting events like professional football. Sky will not provide all of their channels over Xbox live, but Microsoft executives say, “the offering will include dozens of stations”. One of the coolest features of this partnership is that users will be able to watch television in virtual rooms with friends and actively discuss the program. US users can remain hopeful that Sky’s sister service, DirecTV, will join in on the Xbox fun soon enough.

At the same presentation showing the new Xbox partnerships, Microsoft also had their first public demonstration of its Project Natal: controller free gaming. Natal uses a sophisticated camera, infrared sensors, and voice recognition to allow users to play console games by waving their arms, or speaking to the system. This sounds not only very exciting and futuristic, but also quite tiring. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but I enjoy lying back and playing games without breaking a sweat. It is part of the reason I am not a huge fan of the Wii, but I do recognize that it will provide competition for the Wii in the motion sensing gaming market.

Xbox gamers can also start to be excited for the new prequel to the Halo trilogy: Halo Reach. It should hit stores in 2010 and players can get exclusive access to the multiplayer beta through the Halo 3 ODST.